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OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) in Symbian OS

This Howto is to use Symbian Mobiles with Microsoft Outlook Mobile Access (OMA)

686px-Symbian_OS_logosvgWe Suppose that OMA server is installed and configured.

First we have to convert the Exchange certificate from extension .cer to extension .der to works in symbian OS. (certificates with .cer extension doesn´t work in symbian OS)

Download and install OpenSSL Software:

Execute this commands in the shell to convert the certificate:

Convert CER (.crt .der) to PEM

openssl x509 -inform der -in “MYCERT.cer” -out “MYCERT.pem”

Convert PEM to DER

openssl x509 -outform der -in “MYCERT.pem” -out “MYCERT.der”

Copy and install the certificate with the extension .der to the mobile.

Download the software “Mail For Exchange” to synchronize the mobile with the exchange server.

Install this software in the mobile and configure with the settings of the Exchange Server.

It Works!!.


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